PALAKISS Business Center: we are ready to welcome exhibitors and visitors safely. Click here to find out our SARS COV-2 guiding rules.





Exhibitors must register in advance and compulsorily online at and fill in the registration form: they will receive by email the entry QR-Code to be presented on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) which will allow access to the fair .


To access Palakiss, each exhibitor will be required to present the GREEN PASS Covid-19 to the person in charge of the verification or a negative swab rapid test or pcr not older than 48 hours in the day of access to Palakiss.

To access Palakiss, it will be compulsory to wear a mask, sanitize your hands and measure your body temperature. At the entrance of Palakiss there will be an integrated system, which will recognize the face of the person connected to the input QRCODE even with the mask worn and will proceed to measure the body temperature.

Access will be allowed only with body temperature below 37.5 °. It will be mandatory to maintain the use of the mask and the interpersonal distance of 1 mt.

The exhibitors must follow the instructions of the Palakiss staff and pay attention to the infographics present throughout the structure.


The exhibitor, within his own booth and under his responsibility, will have to take care of the sanitation of surfaces and objects at every customer change and as needed. It may take additional preventive measures to be communicated to customers and visitors. It will have to avoid gatherings by staggering access.

The use of a mask is mandatory inside the exhibition spaces, maintain an interpersonal distance of 1 m and frequently sanitize your hands.

Palakiss will guarantee the highest standards of cleaning and sanitization, several times over the days.

Palakiss has placed hand sanitizer dispensers at various points in the common areas.

Palakiss has strengthened its safety and health protection by making use of paramedical personnel.

The buffet service is forbidden in the bar and restaurant areas and the provisions relating to the restaurant business are applied.

At the request of the exhibitor and by accepting the relative estimate, Palakiss will be able to provide customized air curtains, gels and masks for the individual stands.